Line 6 Announces TonePort KB37 Audio And Keyboard Interface

Line 6 TonePort KB37 is the latest addition to the award-winning TonePort line of USB recording and modeling interfaces. TonePort KB37 delivers world-class Line 6 guitar, bass, and vocal tone with the added convenience of an integrated 37-note keyboard controller. Compatible with both Mac and Windows computers, TonePort KB37 allows any musician from beginner to pro to easily record studio quality tracks.

TonePort KB37 comes with Line 6 GearBox modeling software, which provides a must-have collection of 18 guitar amp and 5 bass amp models, 30 stompbox and studio effects, and 6 high-end studio microphone preamp models. Plus, with Line 6’s exclusive ToneDirect™ monitoring, guitarists can record in real-time with amps and multiple effects without the latency associated with standard computer plug-ins. TonePort KB37 also includes an expression input for controlling GearBox’s wah and volume pedal effects.

TonePort KB37 enables musicians to create and capture whatever they need from guitar and bass, to vocals and now keyboard parts easily with world-class studio results,” said Mark McCrite, POD® and PC Product Line Manager, Line 6.

Features include two high-quality XLR microphone inputs with phantom power, a guitar/bass instrument input, stereo line inputs and outputs, stereo digital S/PDIF out, stereo headphone jack, analog VU meters, dual footswitch jacks, expression pedal jack, patch select and transport control buttons, pitch bend/modulation wheels, and four assignable real-time knobs and buttons.


Korg K-Series MIDI Controller Keyboards

On stage or on the run, producing or performing, wherever your music takes you, the new K-Series controllers can go there with you.

Each model features solid, full-size keys, and a selection of four velocity curves (including a fixed level – great for mimicking organs and early mono synths) that tailor the keyboard response to match any performer. Available in 25, 49 and 61 key versions, their octave shift keys provide access to the full range of notes, and the key transpose function lets you reach them comfortably – or instantly match the range of another performer. Authentic baroque and classical temperaments add even more versatility.

And portability isn’t just about size and weight. The K25, K49 and K61 can be powered directly from the same USB connection that allows it to communicate with your computer, so you can grab your K-Series controller and a laptop and make music anywhere. For more permanent applications, an optional AC adapter is available. In addition to the power plug and USB port, the rear panel also features a MIDI out port for controlling synthesizer hardware modules and other MIDI devices.

The K25, K49, and K61 are graced with a variety of sophisticated controllers unusual for an instrument in this class. Performers will be happy to see a set of Pitch Bend and Modulation wheels, just like in our RADIAS, MS2000B and microKORG synthesizers.

Our innovative ClickPoint™ performs double duty, as either as an X/Y joystick or as a USB mouse to navigate through your softsynths or DAW software. This dynamic controller is a 3-axis, spring-loaded, fingertip joystick-trackball that is difficult to describe, but easy to use. Two assignable switches can be set to either momentary or toggle operation, and both On and Off values can be set, opening up extended performance possibilities. These switches can even be set as Program Change up and down buttons. A pair of knobs can be assigned independently to any controller, and both transmit the full range of values.

Next to the keyboard you’ll also find an assignable slider. And if you run out of hands operating all these controllers, the K-Series also includes an assignable foot switch input on the back panel. Even with all these individual controllers, the stylized K-Series retain a simple, intuitive and uncluttered presentation.

Using the free editor software that comes with the K-Series, you can create and save custom controller assignments – or scenes – in an easy, visual manner. This editor software allows you to load the scene that matches your application into the K25, K49 or K61, so that you don’t have to reassign the same controllers manually – a real time saver! In addition, a number of pre-programmed template scenes are included, so you can instantly be up and running with many popular software synthesizers and music production programs.

The new K-Series controllers also come with a free M1 Le software synthesizer. The M1 was introduced back in 1988 and went on to become the best selling synthesizer of all time – and defined the workstation category in the process. This software version perfectly reproduces the original M1 while taking advantage of the power and benefits of your computer interface. The M1 Le contains all of the preset sounds and all of the PCM waveforms of the original, and a new browser/search function makes it easy to find that ”perfect sound.” In addition to stand-alone versions for both Mac and Windows, the M1 Le can be used as an RTAS, VST or AudioUnits plug-in instrument.

Want more? A special upgrade offer allows M1 Le owners to purchase the entire Korg Legacy Collection – DIGITAL EDITION at a very special price. Even more? We’ve included powerful demo versions* of software from Applied Acoustic Systems (Lounge Lizard EP-3, Ultra Analog VA-1, and String Studio VS-1), Ableton Live, Korg Legacy Collection and Propellerhead Reason 3.0 to give you even more to enjoy right out of the box!

CME UF Series… The Most Cost-Effective Professional USB MIDI Master Controller Keyboards

Up until now, musicians wanting a quality MIDI controller keyboard built for long term reliability and the strength to stand up to life on the road were forced to pay for a hi-end synth-workstation with a synth engine that was surplus to requirements since the advent of virtual studio technology. The CME UF Series changes all this…

The CME UF5, UF6, UF7 and UF8 MIDI Master Controller keyboards were designed for professional musicians to use in the studio or take on the road. As such they have a body that is made of metal. This results in a MIDI master controller keyboard that both looks good and has the strength required by demanding musicians.

It’s not just the superior casing that sets the CME apart – you will notice the solid and comfortable nature of the controls, not to mention the superior action of the weighted keyboards too. The CME quality extends throughout.

Semi Weighted or Hammer Action?

The UF5, UF6, and UF7 feature CME’s semi-weighted synth-action keyboard. Each key features a weight inside which provides a much more sold feel when playing and results in a much more natural performance too – it is far easier to control your playing dynamics with a semi-weighted keyboard and far easier to play fast passages. Once you have used a semi-weighted keyboard for a short time, you will not want to go back to an all-plastic design. Such semi-weighted keyboards are normally only found on much more expensive synthesizers and controllers.

The CME UF8 takes things further still with a top-notch hammer-action weighted keyboard with several international patents. This emulates both the feel and response of a real grand piano action making the UF8 the only choice for pianists and those who want the ultimate playing experience.

To tailor the UF Series to your playing style and connected sound source, all models feature an adjustable velocity curve.

M-Audio Axiom 25 MIDI controller

Don’t let the compact size of the M-Audio Axiom 25 fool you. This advanced 25-key USB mobile MIDI controller features both semi-weighted action and assignable aftertouch, plus eight rubberized trigger pads that put drum programming and performance at your fingertips. Eight endless rotary encoder knobs let you get your hands on synth parameters, virtual mixer controls and more. Six transport controls can also assign to control other MIDI parameters. Virtually everything is freely MIDI-assignable—and the backlit LCD screen makes programming easy and intutive. You get 20 memory locations for on-board storage, plus free Enigma editor/librarian software to manage an unlimited number of setups via computer.

M-Audio Axiom 49

If you need total MIDI control and playability in a compact package, check out the M-Audio Axiom 49. This advanced 49-key USB mobile MIDI controller delivers semi-weighted action plus assignable aftertouch, along with eight rubberized trigger pads that are perfect for hands-on drum programming and performance. Nine sliders complement eight endless rotary encoder knobs to control just about any software studio parameter you can think of.15 MIDI-assignable buttons—including six transport controls—and assignable wheels and foot pedals round out total control. The dedicated front-panel keypad and backlit LCD screen provide intuitive setup. There’s room for 20 non-volatile memory locations for instant access to setups, plus compatibility with our free Enigma editor/librarian software for managing a virtually infinite library via Mac or PC.

M-Audio Oxygen 49

M-Audio Oxygen 49 gives you the same control, flexibility and power as the Oxygen 61, just with an octave fewer keys to accommodate tight spaces and even greater mobility. You get the same quality keyboard, built-in MIDI interface and knobs, sliders and buttons totaling 35 MIDI-assignable controllers for complete control of your hardware and software. Store 10 different setups in on-board non-volatile memory, plus manage an infinite number with the free Enigma software for Mac and PC. Bus-powered operation and a weight of only 7.5 pounds lets you play, compose, record and mix with ultimate mobility.

M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2 MIDI controller

The M-Audio Oxygen 8 v2 is an updated version of the mobile MIDI controller that started the mobile studio revolution. You get a fully functional MIDI keyboard with great action, plus eight MIDI-assignable knobs to control any MIDI parameters you desire in your hardware or software. It’s perfect for composing on the go or performing live bass lines and pads, firing samples, or triggering audio and/or visual effects. New features include full MIDI message support, plus 6 transport controls that can be reassigned to any MIDI parameter. The Oxygen 8 v2 also offers 10 non-volatile memory locations and is compatible with our free Enigma software for computer-based storage, retrieval and management of an unlimited number of patches.