Mylo uses Novation software and hardware!

Electronic music guru Myles MacInnes (aka Mylo) has been one of the busiest men in the music business for the last three years, playing with his band on numerous sell-out headline tours and at all the major festivals, as well as DJing across the globe. Now, Myles has decided to settle back into his studio for a while to work on his new album, armed with Novation controllers and soft synths.

Unlike performing with his band, in which he plays with a quartet of sonic pioneers, in the studio Myles works alone. In the centre of his rig sits a ReMOTE 25 SL, which he uses to navigate his way round Propellerheads Reason and Ableton Live. Myles was blown away by the simplicity of Automap and the amount of time he saved not having to assign parameters on his MIDI controller:

I’m not very technical so I’m always full of wonder when things just work. It’s magical! I couldn’t believe how easily the ReMOTE SL connected up with both Reason 3 and Live 6. Tweaking parameters was always such a hassle with the mouse – not any longer. I think I’m going to make an acid-house album.

Amongst his arsenal of software plug-ins lives a Novation Bass Station and V-Station, which now form much of the primary ingredients in his new album material. About the Bass Station, Myles comments:

I wish I’d had this when I was making the first album! It’s fantastic! Hundreds of fat, squelchy bass sounds and a simple and intuitive interface. What more could you want?.


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  1. might want to add the new edirol keyboards (pcr-300, 500, 800)

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