MIA makes Dettol come clean

TV ad triggers keyboard fears.

Piano manufacturers and dealers were thrown into a state of alarm last week when a television advert for Dettol appeared to suggest owners should spray their keyboards with the antiseptic spray – potentially causing a rush of failures and expensive complaints, it was feared.

The advertisement depicted two children seated at a piano. When one of them sneezed, a concerned mother reached for her can of Dettol and sprayed the keys.

One of the first to hear alarm bells was Yamaha, which immediately contacted the MIA, says the Association’s Paul McManus.

“Obviously, nothing should be sprayed on a piano’s keyboard and the worry was that people seeing this could reach for a can to spray on their electric keyboards too – and that is an even more worrying prospect!”.
The MIA’s first port of call was the Advertising Standards Authority which, McManus says, reacted with impressive speed, as apparently did Dettoll’s owners, Reckitt Benckiser, when contacted directly.

The company explained that the idea its product might do harm simply hadn’t occurred to it and agreed not to screen the offending commercial again, pending tests to find out whether, in fact, Dettol did actually represent a hazard to piano owners.

“Obviously, the concern was that retailers and manufacturers might suddenly find themselves faced with a stream of costly failures – or worse – so it is good news that Reckitt Benckiser reacted so positively and so swiftly,” McManus said.

MI Pro understands that Yamaha is currently conducting product tests with one of its keyboard specialists to determine how safe, or otherwise, the product might be, if used in this way.

[originally from www.mi-pro.co.uk]


Yamaha TYROS 3 – Super Articulated Workstation!

Yamaha Tyros is a digital arranger workstation keyboard produced by Yamaha Corporation in 2005. It was produced and designed by Kazuhisa Ueki and Soichiro Tanaka, respectively. Currently the flagship digital arranger workstation of Yamaha since 2005.


Yamaha Tyros is loaded with new features such as MegaVoice, primarily used in MIDI recording, which use velocity switching to add realism to your songs, Super Articulation, that includes additional sound effects on voices, to add much realism to your performance, Live!, Sweet! and Cool! voices, that are painstakingly sampled using stereo and multilayered samples to fully capture the natural presence, expression and vibrato of the real instruments, and Internet Direct Connection, for users to fully optimize the features of Tyros through downloading your favorite music for playback on Tyros.

61-key digital workstation with authentic sounds, powerful, exciting styles.

Combines the most advanced tone generation technology, Super Articulation 2 with state-of-the-art digital electronics and features to give you stunning sound quality with maximum musical versatility.

* 749 Voices, 35 Drum/SFX Kits and 480 XG and 256 GM2 Voices including brand new Super Articulation 2 Technology
* 450 exceptionally high-quality Styles including the new MegaVoices
* Eight slider, one assignable slider and articulation switches
* Adoption of Two-Track Hard Disk Recorder and large-capacity Hard Disk Drive
* Convenient Multi Pad Sync function, Registration and OTS Setting

# Super Articulation 2

Mainly for wind instrument Voices, a special Yamaha technology called AEM has been used, which features detailed samples of special expressive techniques used on those specific instruments – to bend or slide into notes, to “join” different notes together, or to add expressive nuances at the end of a note, etc.

Yamaha Tyros3 DVD sample covering Super Articulation 2 voices control

TYROS 3 is one of the most feature packed workstations available, just look at these specs…..

# Two-track Hard Disk Recorder – The Hard Disk Recorder lets you record your performances to two audio tracks – Main and Sub. A Bounce recording feature lets you record even more tracks, allowing you to easily record multiple parts in layers.
# Massive 80GB HDD – Staggering amount of MIDI data, style data, wav files and the like can be stored on the keyboard’s internal hard disk.
# Convenient Multi Pad Sync function / Registrations and OTS Information – You can embellish your performance as you play with several preset phrases by using the Multi Pads. These can even be synchronized with Style/Song playback. The information displays for Registration Memory and One Touch Setting allow you to confirm the registered panel setups easily.
# Voice Expandability – Download additional Voices from the website and load them to the Tyros3 – and increase your selection of available voices.
# High-Speed Communication – The built-in LAN terminal lets you easily connect your instrument directly to the Internet. The USB terminals compatible with USB 2.0 High-Speed enable high-speed communication with USB storage devices and computers


Christmas Gifts: Keyboards, 5 of the Best

Christmas Gifts: Keyboard Round Up- 5 of the Best

This christmas if your looking for a home keyboard to ignite the musician in your household look no futher than Dolphin Music!

We have many to choose and this guide should define what these ideal gifts can do.


The Yamaha PSRE213 is the perfect beginner keyboard, with Portable Grand stereo piano and the Yamaha Education Suite. It also features “Listen & Learn” function for learning songs, and is General MIDI (GM), and XGlite compatible.

The Yamaha PSR-E213 – it’s an unbelievable bargain as a full-size MIDI controller.

*  Portable Grand:The industry’s best piano
* Interactive Yamaha Education Suite features “Listen & Learn”
* 375 voices also include “Cool” sounds and grooves
* General MIDI plus Yamaha XGlite compatible


The Casio LK 110 Key Light Keyboard lets you know the keys you should play by lighting the way , making this type of keyboard instrument perfect for beginners. Make music practice more enjoyable and productive! truley an excellent keyboard for learning via its 100 songbank tunes


  • 61 Full-Size Keys
  • 100 Tones
  • 50 Rhythms
  • Auto Accompaniments
  • 100 Songbank Tunes
  • 3 Step Lesson Function
  • Voice Fingering Guide
  • Microphone Jack
  • Timing Guide on Display
  • Microphone Jack
  • LCD Musical Information System
  • 12 Note Polyphony
  • MIDI (GM Simulation, 5 Channel)
  • 2 Loudspeakers
  • Includes Songbook
  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Size (WxDxH): 944 x 373 x 130mm
  • Batteries: AA-size x 6
  • Optional AC adaptor: AD-5EL


Latest generation PSR portable keyboard with great educational features and USB.

The Yamaha PSRE413 is a 61-key portable keyboard with innovative features for learning to play, like the Yamaha Portable Grand and Yamaha Education Suite. A step up from the Yamaha PSR-E403, it too has fun, creative features including sound control knobs for real time control over effects, filters, EQ, tempo and 100 different Arpeggiator patterns. The PSR-E413 includes USB connectivity, allowing for the transfer of songs, styles and MIDI data between the instrument and a computer.

This can be used for educational purposes or for musicians to play along with pieces that are downloaded into the unit. For aspiring music artists, recording original pieces is quick and simple with the six-track/five-song capacity onboard sequencer. And, with Yamaha’s Performance Assistant technology, anyone can play a song – even novices. When the PSR-E413 keys are struck in time with the music, the notes are corrected to match chords of the song being played. No matter what keys are hit on the keyboard, the correct notes will play.


  • Latest generation PSR portable keyboard with great educational features and USB
  • 61-key unit with Touch Response
  • 504 great sounds
  • Extremely portable, and lightweight for easy transport
  • Keyboard education tools
  • The Yamaha Portable Grand – specially selected Yamaha grand piano sample, recorded in stereo for exceptional realism


The Yamaha DGX-630 is a 88-key weighted graded hammer action portable keyboard. Improvements on the earlier DGX-530 include 64-note polyphony, a beautiful matching bench and an Optional three-pedal unit, along with additional DSP Digital Signal Processing effects that enable realistic sounding Distortion Guitar and Rotary Organ.

The Yamaha DGX-630 keyboard also offers USB MIDI and USB to Device for removable storage, along with a high Resolution Live! Grand Stereo sample, song recorder, score and lyric display. The Yamaha DGX-630 keyboard offers an affordable, feature-packed portable keyboard with authentic grand piano-like touch: heavy in the low end, feathery light in the highs, and amazingly responsive throughout.


  • 160 preset accompaniment styles
  • 30 preset songs built-in (+ 70 on supplied CD-ROM)
  • 64-note polyphony
  • 6-track sequencer (upto 5 user songs)
  • 6w stereo speakers
  • 88 Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keys


The Casio SA-75 Mini Keyboard with high-quality tones plus functions that make music more fun. With the hands free microphone and portable design you can make music just about anywhere. 37 Minikeys, 100 Tones, 30 Patterns, 10 Songs, Includes a song book and hands-free microphone


  • Keys 37 (min)
  • Polyphony (maximum) 4
  • Tones 100
  • Rhythms/Patterns 30
  • Tunes 10
  • Lesson Function Yes

Nord announce next-generation Electro 3

Nord and UK distributor Sound Technology are very pleased to announce the next generation Electro – the Nord Electro 3. With the introduction of the Nord Electro 3, the legacy of the original Electro and the knowhow that have shaped some of the other Nord models have been combined.

The Electro 3 features a new organ section, a new piano section, new effects and also a new exciting feature that allows the Electro 3 to use any samples from the Nord Wave library.

Electro 3 replaces the Electro 2, albeit at a slightly higher price point. Electro 3 is expected to ship in limited quantities in early December 2008.

New and improved features:

  • Load any sample from the Nord Sample library
    Users can add virtually any sound they want to the Nord Electro 3. Sounds can be loaded from the Mellotron Library or any other instrument or sound from the extensive Nord Sample Library, the same format as the Nord Wave uses. Users are even able to create their own Sample Instruments using the Nord Wave Manager and then use these in the Nord Electro 3.
  • Exquisite new pianos
    The Electro 3 uses the same sample format as the acknowledged Nord Stage, to take full advantage of the Nord Piano Library’s multitude of velocity layers, pedal-down samples and extremely high quality samples with unprecedented expressiveness. Any current or future piano that is available for the Stage family will also automatically be available to the Nord Electro 3.
  • Increased memory capacity – 8 times the size of the original Electro
    The Nord Electro 3 has a memory for pianos and samples of 256 MB and can it can store 126 programs.
  • Second generation organ emulation
    The organ section is a direct descendent of the award winning Nord C1 Combo Organ with its fabulous vintage sounds from the B3, Farfisa and Vox-type models. Each and every individual sound creating component and even the artifacts of the original instruments have been faithfully reproduced in the Electro 3.
  • Brand new effect section
    The Nord Electro 3 is equipped with a great selection of high quality effects including a lush sounding reverb with five different algorithms. There is also a selection of tremolo, panning, wah-wah, phaser, flanger and chorus effects.
  • New amps, compressor and EQ
    Users can sculpt their final sound by choosing from a selection of three amplifier simulations that can add any amount of grit and distortion from gentle to manic levels. A three-band EQ with sweepable mid-range and a compressor can be added to the final stage of the audio path.
  • Enhanced Rotary speaker emulator
    The rotary speaker emulator also originates from the Nord C1 Combo Organ, with its acclaimed sound quality. This rotary speaker emulator incorporates the acoustic variations that occur when a physical speaker spreads the sound in a room, providing the full experience of when the air is moved around.

    The Electro 3’s rotary also features a brand new function in the addition of the Rotary Stop Mode. This allows users to switch between fast and stopped rotation and back again by using either the controls on the panel or with a foot pedal connected to the Rotor Pedal input. This is a crucial functionality that mimics the behavior of early one-speed original rotary speaker units.

  • Play along to music with the Monitor Input jack
    Just plug in your mp3 or CD player to the Electro 3 to be able to play along, rehearse or jam with previously recorded music without the need of an external mixer or sound system. The signal that is present at this input will be monitored through the Electro 3’s headphone output.
  • Free Electro Manager application to manage the memory areas
    The content of the pianos, the samples and the program memories in the Nord Electro 3 will be managed by the Nord Electro Manager. This application will be available for free to Electro owners, and compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Mac OSX.
  • Increased portability
    The Electro 3 is slimmer and lighter than the original Electro.

You can Pre-Order your new Nord today, at Dolphin Music: Nord Nord Electro 3 – 61 or Nord Nord Electro 3 – 73