Yamaha TYROS 3 – Super Articulated Workstation!

Yamaha Tyros is a digital arranger workstation keyboard produced by Yamaha Corporation in 2005. It was produced and designed by Kazuhisa Ueki and Soichiro Tanaka, respectively. Currently the flagship digital arranger workstation of Yamaha since 2005.


Yamaha Tyros is loaded with new features such as MegaVoice, primarily used in MIDI recording, which use velocity switching to add realism to your songs, Super Articulation, that includes additional sound effects on voices, to add much realism to your performance, Live!, Sweet! and Cool! voices, that are painstakingly sampled using stereo and multilayered samples to fully capture the natural presence, expression and vibrato of the real instruments, and Internet Direct Connection, for users to fully optimize the features of Tyros through downloading your favorite music for playback on Tyros.

61-key digital workstation with authentic sounds, powerful, exciting styles.

Combines the most advanced tone generation technology, Super Articulation 2 with state-of-the-art digital electronics and features to give you stunning sound quality with maximum musical versatility.

* 749 Voices, 35 Drum/SFX Kits and 480 XG and 256 GM2 Voices including brand new Super Articulation 2 Technology
* 450 exceptionally high-quality Styles including the new MegaVoices
* Eight slider, one assignable slider and articulation switches
* Adoption of Two-Track Hard Disk Recorder and large-capacity Hard Disk Drive
* Convenient Multi Pad Sync function, Registration and OTS Setting

# Super Articulation 2

Mainly for wind instrument Voices, a special Yamaha technology called AEM has been used, which features detailed samples of special expressive techniques used on those specific instruments – to bend or slide into notes, to “join” different notes together, or to add expressive nuances at the end of a note, etc.

Yamaha Tyros3 DVD sample covering Super Articulation 2 voices control

TYROS 3 is one of the most feature packed workstations available, just look at these specs…..

# Two-track Hard Disk Recorder – The Hard Disk Recorder lets you record your performances to two audio tracks – Main and Sub. A Bounce recording feature lets you record even more tracks, allowing you to easily record multiple parts in layers.
# Massive 80GB HDD – Staggering amount of MIDI data, style data, wav files and the like can be stored on the keyboard’s internal hard disk.
# Convenient Multi Pad Sync function / Registrations and OTS Information – You can embellish your performance as you play with several preset phrases by using the Multi Pads. These can even be synchronized with Style/Song playback. The information displays for Registration Memory and One Touch Setting allow you to confirm the registered panel setups easily.
# Voice Expandability – Download additional Voices from the website and load them to the Tyros3 – and increase your selection of available voices.
# High-Speed Communication – The built-in LAN terminal lets you easily connect your instrument directly to the Internet. The USB terminals compatible with USB 2.0 High-Speed enable high-speed communication with USB storage devices and computers




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  2. […] Yamaha TYROS 3 – Super Articulated Workstation! « The Keyboard Player […]

  3. […] Yamaha TYROS 3 – Super Articulated Workstation! […]

  4. I follow your blog for a long time and must tell that your articles always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  5. je connais pas mal le tyros3,c’est seulement le prix,ou quand vous le donnerez en retard,je vais être obliger d’acheter le tryros4.Hi!” Hi!.bye hendidi

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