KURZWEIL PC3X: “nothing less than brilliant”

The new issue of Keyboard Player Magazine includes an extremely impressive review of the Kurzweil PC3X. “The PC3X possesses some of the finest keyboard sounds around bar none. For synths, acoustic pianos, electric pianos, tonewheel organs and most orchestral textures it is nothing less than brilliant. It is a real gigging machine”.


kurzweil pc3x


With a sleek new look on the outside, and an arsenal of Kurzweil’s latest cutting edge chip technology under its hood, the 88-note Kurzweil PC3X delivers 128 voices of incredible sound quality along with a host of powerful, easy to use features. The PC3X is Kurzweil’s ultimate performance controller keyboard, with an enormous collection of stunning sounds combined with comprehensive real-time controller functions.



“The primary attraction of any instrument of this ilk is how it sounds as it comes straight from the box. It is here that the PC3X plays its strongest card. Quite simply the sounds, and especially the keyboard sounds, are not only stunning but offer the user an extremely wide set of pre-set variations to a degree not seen before..It does all this with uncanny accuracy; these are sounds that will be echoing around touring venues, believe me”.


“There are many other acoustic pianos within its library and all are faithful impersonations of recognizable songs, eras or styles. Usually one finds that a couple or so of these type of voices smack of being gimmicky fillers but this is not so with the PCX pianos. Coupled with the weighted action, this section alone will see off pretty well most digital pianos in the same price bracket”.


To read the full review, pick up the November Issue of Keyboard Player (Issue 330). The Kurzweil PC3X is available now at Dolphin Music


Kurzweil PC3X


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