About “The Keyboard Player”

An extra keyboard is a must when it comes to producing computer music. These range from tiny keyboards designed to be portable for laptop users right up to fully-weighted piano style ones for pro players.

And don’t worry if you’re not a pro player because the whole point of using software is that you can go back and easily eradicate any mistakes you have made or play notes really slowly as you record and then speed up the results later. It’s easy!

Visit Dolphin for a wide range of Keyboards: MIDI Controllers, Workstations, Home Keyboards and Digital Pianos…there’s always a keyboard that’s perfect for your needs and skill.

This blog was set up by Dolphin Music to promote its products to musicians. Dolphin Music are one of the UK largest retailers of Musicial Instruments & Studio Equipment selling through the web, ebay & our very own Shops in Liverpool, Gateshead and Huddersfield.

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