NAMM 2009: CME Launches Special Edition Pink MKey/UKey Controllers

CME is launching a special edition of their 49 note M-Key and U-Key controller keyboards in a vibrant pink finish. This colourful new release was announced at last week’s NAMM.

the new CME pink

The pink versions will focus on female customers, from professional keyboard players to music fans, and provide all the features of the original with a unique finish that will help her stand out.

CME’s M-Key, which is already available in hushed grey, has an ultra-slim, full action semi-weighted keyboard with velocity sensitive keys, a programmable joystick, and various other controls. It includes connection s for USB, MIDI, and two pedals which are compatible with switch and expression control. M-Key is class compliant for both Windows and Mac (Vista/XP and OS X).

The CME U-Key Mobiletone keyboard, which is also available in White and Blue, has ultra-slim, full-action semi-weighted keys, a built-in 64-polyphony high-quality sound module and an internal, high-fidelity speaker driven by a digital amplifier.

The U-Key comes with more than 20 user-defined controllers, including a joystick, trigger pads, an encoder for data entry, and pedals. All controllers are fully-programmable and each function can be easily set up and saved for later loading by pressing certain keys. USB powered and compatible with both Windows XP/Vista and Mac OSX, the U-Key is a great solution for composing on laptops.


CMF UF Series Keyboards with Free USB MIDI Adaptor

The new CME UF Series is really something – The keyboards on the new CME UF Series of MIDI controllers come with a FREE USB Midi adaptor and have great prices, starting at an amazingly low £129!

In 2005, CME released the first of the UF series full-function Master Keyboards, which became an instant classic as the most convenient and cost-effective full-function master keyboard in the world. One year later, CME celebrates this milestone by unveiling the latest and greatest additions to the UF series: the new UF 50, 60, 70, and 80.

Now the durable aluminum case houses even more professional synth concepts. These digital instruments provide all-new circuit design, with the practicality and versatility of a modern master keyboard.

The new CME UF Series keyboards are really outstanding, very well built and, starting at £129, quite a good value, too! You’ll find the CME UF keyboards at Dolphin, view here.

Here’s some really cool exclusive Dolphin Music Hi-Res Photos of the New CME UF Series (click to enlarge):




CME VX Series – The World’s First MIDI Controller Keyboard with Motorized Faders!

CME has just release their brand new intelligent keyboard controller – VX series. It’s the first keyboard with motor fader controller as well as multi-function expansion slot in the world. As the first keyboard with ‘PadStyle’ intelligent MIDI songs and styles in the world, it is available to update via USB. It’s also the first keyboard with unique Game mode, Multi-scale and U-CTRL function in the world.Not only a MIDI keyboard controller, VX also supplies many unique functions to meet the need of 21 century’s new musicians. Firstly, VX supplies both USB MIDI and USB audio functions. Users do not need extra audio interface when they using VX with music software. VX also builds in many MIDI songs and accompaniment in different styles, including loop variation and chord change, which are elaborate made by professional musicians and can be sprung by VX’s unique ‘PadStyle’.

All MIDI songs and styles can be downloaded from Internet and transferred into VX via USB. VX supplies a brand new Game mode, users could use this function and music books with VX to test their skill of performance, and students could learn many tips in this mode. VX is the first keyboard that has build in muiti-ethical scales in the world, and it will surprise you, no matter you want to play Arabian music of Asian music. U-CTRL is a brand new concept by CME, it provides the easiest way to communicate between controller and music software.




You do not need to load template or presets, just press U-CTRL button and all the controllers for software you may use will be ready. VX’s multi-function expansion slot gives you many option for expanding your VX, including sound module with sample function, analog synthesizer module, firewire audio interface module, digital mixing console module and etc, with these expansion cards, VX will bring you a all-in-one music production platform.

Same as UF series controller, VX uses CME’s famous and long-tested professional graded hammer action weighted keyboard (VX8) and semi-weighted keyboard (VX5/6/7) with initial and after touch, velocity sensitive. These keyboards were broadly used by many famous professional synthesizers and digital pianos in the past few years. VX supplies up to 64 controllers in different types, including motor faders, encoder for data entry, knobs, trigger pads, ribbon controller, buttons, pitch bend, modulation wheel, SEQ transport buttons, pedals, breath controller and all these controllers are programmable.

Although VX supplies many incredible functions, it will still keep CME’s competitive price. VX will be the new standard of keyboard controller.

Main Features:

– Built-in 32bit CPU
– Intelligent keyboard built-in USB Audio and MIDI, multi-function expansion
– Graded hammer action weighted keyboard (VX8) and semi-weighted keyboard (VX5/6/7), initial and after touch, velocity sensitive
– ‘PadStyle’ MIDI songs and styles help you to play live music easily
– Interactant mode to improve skill of your performance
– Multi-scale of the key to fit more kinds of ethnic music
– U-CTRL function makes you work with music software perfectly
– 12 x programmable trigger pads, velocity sensitive
– 8 x knob controllers (potentiometer)
– 9 x knob controllers (endless encoder)
– 9 x 60mm motor fader controllers
– 1 x ribbon controller
– 1 x pitch bend and modulation wheel
– 27 x function and number buttons
– 6 x SEQ transport buttons
– All controllers are programmable
– 1 x endless encoder for data entry
– Music software control templates with user bank memories
– 2 x 16 characters LCD display
– Firmware upgradeable via USB
– Multi-function expansion slot
– 4 x MIDI OUT, 1 x MIDI IN to supply real master keyboard function
– 2 x universal pedal connectors, full compatible with switch and expression pedal
– 1 x breath controller connector, full compatible with YAMAHA BC3
– 2 x Mic/Line input with gain knob, 1/4” phone jack
– 2 x Line output, 1/4” phone jack
– 2 x headphone outputs with volume knob, 1/4” phone jack
– USB Audio and MIDI, class-compliant with Windows XP and Mac OS X
– USB Hub, USB bus-powered

CME UF Series… The Most Cost-Effective Professional USB MIDI Master Controller Keyboards

Up until now, musicians wanting a quality MIDI controller keyboard built for long term reliability and the strength to stand up to life on the road were forced to pay for a hi-end synth-workstation with a synth engine that was surplus to requirements since the advent of virtual studio technology. The CME UF Series changes all this…

The CME UF5, UF6, UF7 and UF8 MIDI Master Controller keyboards were designed for professional musicians to use in the studio or take on the road. As such they have a body that is made of metal. This results in a MIDI master controller keyboard that both looks good and has the strength required by demanding musicians.

It’s not just the superior casing that sets the CME apart – you will notice the solid and comfortable nature of the controls, not to mention the superior action of the weighted keyboards too. The CME quality extends throughout.

Semi Weighted or Hammer Action?

The UF5, UF6, and UF7 feature CME’s semi-weighted synth-action keyboard. Each key features a weight inside which provides a much more sold feel when playing and results in a much more natural performance too – it is far easier to control your playing dynamics with a semi-weighted keyboard and far easier to play fast passages. Once you have used a semi-weighted keyboard for a short time, you will not want to go back to an all-plastic design. Such semi-weighted keyboards are normally only found on much more expensive synthesizers and controllers.

The CME UF8 takes things further still with a top-notch hammer-action weighted keyboard with several international patents. This emulates both the feel and response of a real grand piano action making the UF8 the only choice for pianists and those who want the ultimate playing experience.

To tailor the UF Series to your playing style and connected sound source, all models feature an adjustable velocity curve.